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Tomtom homer voice download

31 Mar what happened to the Homer Simpson voice. It's been added to your account, you should be able to download it using MyDrive Connect. 25 Mar Just purchased the HOMER VOICE, received email acknowledging my purchase , went and followed the outline for getting download, but there. Use the link. If you have a TOMTOM you can register for a free £10 voucher - which I then went on to buy Homer's voice with. Then I registered with 2 other email.

1 Feb For a mere $, you can get driving directions from Homer, Marge, or Mr. Burns. Woo hoo!.

29 Nov Hook up to computer and download all three fileds to the voices Homer must be the UK Homer voice because it sounds nothing like him.

You can download Voices directly onto your TomTom device via TomTom HOME desktop software. The software includes everything you need to keep your.

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